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Swingers Club De Showboot

Swingers Club de Showboot Zaandijk

De Showboot (the showboat) in Zaandijk is a swingers club for broad minded couples and a restricted number of singles. De showboot is a unique swingers club because it’s situated on a boat. Regrettably the boat is no longer fit to sail but it is still in the water. It is a very spacious boat with plenty of quarters to experience exciting and of course erotic adventures. The boat also is equipped with a lovely sauna and a dance floor where you can party till you drop. You will find that there is a relaxing and hospitable atmosphere where you will feel right at home. The motto of the club is: almost everything goes and almost nothing is obligatory.

Lagedijk 328
1544 BX Zaandijk
Tel: 075 6222348

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