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Amsterdam Info

With almost 2 million visitors per year, Amsterdam is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and its understandable when you consider attractions such as the museums, historical buildings, canals, nightlife and the restaurant-scene. And of course, an added bonus is that its inhabitants boast an even better knowledge of the English language than many native English speakers. In the following pages we will provide you with information about what Amsterdam has to offer.

Amsterdam Facts & Figures

Inhabitants: 739.977
Inhabitants Greater Amsterdam 1.514.050
Nationalities: 173
Mayor: 1
Bicycles: 600.000
Trees: 220.000
Parks: 28
City trams: 232
Ferryboats: 9
Markets: 21
Flower market: 1
Shops: 10.334
Diamond polishing factories: 24
Canals: 165
Bridges: 1.281
Wooden drawbridges: 8
Houseboats: 2500
16th, 17th, 18th century buildings: 6800
Statues and sculptures: 302
Windmills: 6
Museums: 51
Art galleries: 141
Wax statues at Madame Tussaud`s: 140
Animals at the Artis Zoo: 6100
Theatrical performances per year: 6000
Theatrical performances per day: 40
Theaters and Concert halls: 55
Cinemas: 61
Cafés and bars: 1.402
Discotheques: 36
Restaurants: 755
Hotelbeds: 37.763
Bednights by foreign visitors yearly: 7.611.000
Day visitors per year: 15.749.000